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Fukuda Denshi NEW ECG's Series FX-8322/8222
Fukuda Denshi NEW ECG's Series FX-8322/8222
The New ECG's series comes with large LCD touch display and many advanced possibilities
PSG system by Deymed
PSG system by Deymed
PSG system for large number of patients with viewing and video recording options with wide variety of advanced options
With over 20 years of experience, wide market understanding and first-phase marketing innovative developments, MEDLIFE Advance Medical Solutions promotes leading Global Healthcare and High-Tech companies and creates leverage in the Israeli Market.

Today, MEDLIFE operates in the Israeli healthcare market, providing full local representation for specialty products and high-investment capital equipment.

As a leading group involved in the health industry, traditionally identified as a main supplier of medical devices and equipment , MEDLIFE provides deeper understanding of the mechanisms of the Israeli healthcare market with high specialization of first-phase marketing innovative developments.
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